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Pink Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp 5 Kg

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Lamp Shape Pyramid Salt Color Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Dimensions 13 x 13 x 18  C.M. Lamp Weight 5 Kg Ionic R..

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Lamp Shape


Salt Color

Pink Himalayan Salt

Lamp Dimensions

13 x 13 x 18  C.M.

Lamp Weight

5 Kg

Ionic Radius

3.5 Sq.Mt


Salt n’ Lamp

Lamp model number


Base Details 

Natural wooden Brown Base, Square Shaped on 2x15x15 cm

Some people wonder about the reason for feeling comfortable in one place, and on the other hand, feeling uncomfortable in another place. This is due to the imbalance of the vibrations of the place as a result of environmental pollution and electromagnetic radiation resulting from mobile phones and electrical devices in addition to the feelings that emanate from us as a result of tension and the pressures of daily life to get rid of all of that Offer yourself a more unique experience with the Himalayan Salt Lamp

Its natural shape is as it was extracted from the mine in the heart of the Himalayas, and it is unique, so it is never repeated in two lamps. Like a handprint

The Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural wonder. It is a piece of the finest Himalayan salt crystal in pink or white color. Carefully selected and meticulous. They are hand sculpted in an artistic, cosmetic way, according to the desired shape

Generally, after the salt is carved, it is dug from the bottom so that the light bulb can be inserted inside. And after connected to electricity via an electric wire. The salt lamp is heated to send healthy ions into the surrounding air to enjoy its features.

We wish you a unique salt experience with Salt n Lamp Store for the original healthy Himalayan Salt products

How does salt lamp works?

Himalayan salt lamp purifies the air around us, expels positive ions away and attract negative ions. When the salt lamp is turned on, it heats up slightly to attract moisture to the surface of the lamp. Thus, it distributes the negative ions around the lamp. Negative ions expel the positive ions away and so do the high-frequency vibrations that they are subjected to. This means that there is less sensitivity and toxins in the air, as well as less electromagnetic frequency waves in the environment around you. In addition to the healing glow of the lamp that brings comfort and calm.

It is also environmentally friendly and renews a sense of belonging to nature, and fills the place with a relaxing energy

Himalayan salt lamp has been shown to help:

Improved general mood

Purify the air from dust and microbes by absorbing them

Relief from headaches

Relieve sensitivity

Relieve insomnia

Why is it important to choose the correct original lamp?

With the high increasing demand for this lamp. The number of Fake increased. Therefore, you must make sure before purchasing that this lamp is original and made from Himalayan salt in Pakistan.

Himalayan salt lamps can be used to enhance our daily performance by placing them in various places Use in our daily life, including;

Administrative and personal offices

Visitor lounges and waiting



Massage and massage centers

Beside electrical appliances and computers

Meetings and receptions halls

Restaurants and cafes




1 Authentic Himalayan Salt lamps

SASO approved wire assembly, which includes a bulb.

For maximum benefits, leave your salt lamp on as much as possible.

A Himalayan salt lamp is not just a piece of art. It is the healthy glow of nature!

*Authentic Himalayan Salt lamps are handcrafted making each piece unique. Size and shape comparisons between lamps may vary.
*All orders will be packed and despatched within 3-4 working days, unless otherwise notified. Express Post items will be sent the day was receipt and, in normal circumstances, will arrive the day after that. Delivery times are approximate and may be shorter or longer than quoted on our website. When your order is on its way, we’ll send a follow up email with a more accurate estimate of delivery times. for more info Read our shipping policies

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