Our Story

Salt & Lamp is a Saudi Brand founded & Registered in 2016 in Jeddah, by FMW Trading. Salt & Lamp is the only importer in Saudi Arabia, the Most Trusted Globally of Authentic Himalayan Salt Products; Lamps, Salt Candle Holders, Salt Spa Products, Salt Tiles and many more Himalayan Salt products From The Himalayan Mountain. 

Salt n Lamp,  Offering Unique Authentic Himalayan Salt Products, are made with millions of years old salt crystals, mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan Known for its ability to ionize the air, so enhancing human beings, well-being and improving health.

At Salt n Lamp  we Hand Pick The Highest grade of Authentic Himalayan salt. Although we hire the Most Creative, Most Experienced and the most qualified Artisans Carvers, Those who have done nothing but the Finest Quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Our Mission:

Salt n Lamp Offering Products of The Himalayan Salt Crystals to most Prestigious customers with the Finest quality, excellent customer service and prices in our Market. We do not Compromise Quality and we do exert every effort to meet and even exceed customers expectations by providing products of unmatched superior quality. Although, We Offer broad selection of salt Product’s models, as  we try to be flexible and adjust to our clients’ needs in designs, shapes, and sizes

Our Vision:

To see our Himalayan Salt Products in every House, Office, Hospital and any gathering facility in the community. Fortunately, we are witnessing a trend to return back to natural, holistic methods for living and caring for our body, including a shift back to utilizing natural salts in this process. People everywhere are reconsidering the healing effects of natural crystal salt. 

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