A Guide to Purchasing

Salt n Lamps Shops - A Guide to Purchasing

At Salt n Lamp Shops we Hand Pick The Highest grade of Authentic Himalayan salt. Although we hire the Most Creative, Most Experienced and the most qualified Artisans Carvers, Those who have done nothing but the Finest Quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps. At Salt n Lamp Shops we have capital investment in people and equipment to produce the top quality of Himalayan salt lamps. That is carved by, Our Artisans in Northern Pakistan.  The High quality of your carved salt lamp is greatly resulted from the Creativity and experience of Our Team. 


Here are a few things to look for prior to Buy your Lamp From Our E-Store:


A Himalayan salt lamp is a unique type of table lamp that is made from crystal salt mined near the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. The salt from this area is rich in minerals that give it its characteristic colors of pinks and oranges. Over the years, Himalayan salt lamps have grown in popularity because of their distinct appearance, soft lighting, and purported health benefits. Because these lamps are made from salt, no two are alike, Just like the fingertips. and buyers will have to consider various factors to make sure they are getting one that they will love.

Why Are You Buying a Salt Lamp?

Before you start shopping for a Himalayan salt lamp, you should consider the reasons you want one of these unique lamps. Many people want the lamp simply for aesthetic reasons, as the lamps can be very beautiful. They also produce a soft, colored light that can be very soothing. If aesthetics are the main reason for purchasing the lamp, you will want to primary look at the colors and design of the lamp - such as whether it has a natural shape or is cut.

If you want to buy a salt lamp to light your home, keep in mind that these lamps generally only produce a very soft, dim light. This is ideal as a nightlight or for atmospheric accent, but generally not adequate for tasks like reading. If you need more light, then you will probably want to look for Himalayan salt lamps that are lighter in color and larger in size.

Finally, many people purchase the salt lamps from the Himalayas because they believe the lamps have health benefits. It is thought (though not confirmed by studies) that the heat from the light bulb within the lamp causes negative ions to emit from the salt. These negative ions neutralize positive ions, such as from air pollutants. Those neutralized ions than fall to the ground or bond to a nearby surface. This is very much how air ionizers work. To get any of the purported ionizing benefits from a Himalayan salt lamp, you would need to choose a lamp using a higher-watt light bulb. The higher-watt bulb will get warmer and produce a stronger ionizing effect.

Colors of Himalayan Salt Lamps

The most common color for salt lamps is an orange or pinkish shade. However, it is also possible to find Himalayan salt lamps in whites, browns, Gray and reds. The white Himalayan salt lamps are not as common and thus are usually more expensive. They don't block as much of the light from passing through so will make a brighter, whiter light.

Orange and pink salt lamps are most popular because they emit soft, warm shades of light that many people find pleasing. Red salt lamps are also very attractive, but they block much of the light so are really only suitable as nightlights.

Size and Weight of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Made from crystals of rock salt, these lamps can be very heavy. If you want to buy a large Himalayan salt lamp, you will need to make sure the table you put it on is strong enough to support its weight. When buying Himalayan salt lamps online we offer free shipping.

If you are buying a Himalayan salt lamp for its purported ionizing properties, then you will need to make sure the lamp is large enough for the room. Or, instead of buying one large lamp, you can buy several smaller Himalayan salt lamps and put them around a room.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Size and Weight





Ionizing Area

2 kg

10 cm

8 cm

1.5 sq. Meter

3 kg

12 cm

10 cm

2.5 sq. Meter

5 kg

18 cm

12 cm

8 sq. Meter

8 kg

22 cm

20 cm

12 sq. Meter

12 kg

28 cm

20 cm

15 sq. Meter

15 kg

32 cm

23 cm

20 sq. Meter

18 kg

32 cm

25 cm

30 sq. Meter

24 kg

35 cm

28 cm

35 sq. Meter

30 kg

40 cm

28 cm

40 sq. Meter

50 kg

50 cm

35 cm

50 sq. Meter

75 kg

60 cm

35 cm

65 sq. Meter

100 kg

100 cm

45 cm

90 sq. Meter

Shape of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps come in two types of shapes: natural and crafted. Naturally shaped Himalayan salt lamps comprise large pieces of salt crystal that resemble how they would appear in nature. By contrast, crafted Himalayan salt lamps are carved into shapes.

Crafted Himalayan salt lamps can come in a huge assortment of shapes. The most basic and popular ones are Geometric shape salt lamps. It is also fairly common to see them in sculptural forms, such as animals. Although it comes in 3D Shapes such as heart shape or might be your business logo shape

Himalayan salt lamps are generally made from one solid piece of salt crystal. However, it is becoming increasingly common to see the lamps made out of several smaller pieces of salt crystal. For example, one popular design is the " Fire Bowl" lamp that has a shaped bowl with numerous small chunks of salt crystal in it.

Maximum Wattage and Bulb Type

As with all types of lamps, Himalayan salt lamps are designed to take certain types of light bulbs. Since they are generally meant to be used only as accent lighting, most will take a bulb with a low wattage of about 15 watts. If you want a brighter Himalayan salt lamp, then you should choose one with a maximum bulb 40 watts.

Base of the Lamp

The final factor you will want to take into consideration before buying a Himalayan salt lamp is its base. Since the lamps are very heavy, it is important to have a sturdy base. The base will also protect the lamp from chipping and keep it from scratching the tabletop. Generally, these lamps have wooden bases. With some crafted Himalayan salt lamps, however, the base may be carved out of the salt itself. If this is the case, then make sure the base is wide and flat. You may also need to purchase something to put underneath the lamp to prevent scratching and chipping, such as felt pads.

How to Use Salt.sa to Purchase Your Himalayan Salt Lamp

Our e-store has a massive selection of home lighting and lamps, including many different Himalayan salt lamps. To find these lamps you can use the search box found at the top of every page. Simply type in the terms "Himalayan salt lamp" along with any other descriptive words, such as "pink" or "large." You can then browse through all of the options or use the refinements to narrow down products by Type, Color, Style, Condition, and Price.


Himalayan salt lamps are noted for their distinct beauty, the soothing light they produce, and their purported ionizing health benefits. The most important thing to remember when purchasing these unique lamps online is that they can be very heavy, so you will want to make sure you get the right size lamp. With this in mind, you can start browsing through all of the salt lamps we have for sale on the site and narrow them down to the ones that aesthetically appeal to you the most.

You do not need special skills to set up this UL-approved Himalayan salt lamp. It comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is identify a flat and low-traffic area where you can install it. The long (six feet) power cord that you get is also convenient. It enables you to install it anywhere with an accessible power socket.

Customize Your own shape

If you have a particular color, size , shape preference, contact us, we will try our best to accommodate your preference. you can book an appointment with our art consultant….

Fake vs. Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp test

our Authentic Himalayan salt lamps do absorb moisture, so they shrink with time. That’s why we advise placing them in dry and cool places. To check if your lamp is real, do the following test: Rub the lamp gently using a damp cloth. If your lamp is real, it will look like it’s “weeping”, and the cloth will be slightly discolored on the part that you have rubbed. If you can’t notice these things, your lamp is fake.

Although our Authentic Himalayan salt lamps they have incredible healing and detoxification properties, you should be able to notice some changes after using it several weeks. Miners of Himalayan salt are considered as one of the happiest people on the planet. So, if you don’t notice significant results after using it for a certain period, you have a fake one which usually includes the toxin called fluoride.