Our Story

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Salt and lamp national institution with Saudi competencies, founded in 2016 in accordance with the needs of the local and regional market adopted innovative working methods using the new millennium Technologies and resources which made the idea (less = more) workable. 

Fortunately for us, our beginning was synchronized with the vision #2030 that made our talents and creativity a cornerstone of the future. Vision #2030 has created platforms for real projects, with its different and effective programs, such as Tamouh program, which are characterized by clear, simple but influential steps.

Recently, a vibrant bio-energy culture has begun to spread and its impact on a better life, salt and lamp is the starting point towards a daily exercise of this concept. In Salt and lamp our products, which start and do not end with a natural ingredient that is indispensable to the human daily and which we have introduced several products covering all kinds of everyday consumption, we move to the personal care requirements of public health and the daily environment surrounding us

Our vision (together towards a healthy and positive environment): 

Through our trade name salt and lamp, we seek to contribute to the transformation of society towards the consumption of natural products in the simplest and most important forms (salt), and provide a lifestyle that enhances the idea that everyone is capable of it.