Himalayan salt lamp Health Benefits

There are many amazing benefits that we can obtain from Himalayan salt lamp. Here is the list:


1. Cure Respiratory Illness
Based on lungs Institute, salt is an anti-bacteria, anti-inflammation, reduces excessive mucus, clean pathogen in the air such as debunga, relieves allergy, asthma, sinusitis, and bronchitis.


2. Balance pH in human bodies
Mineral content on Himalayan Salt Lamp helps to balance pH in your bodies. Balance pH helps to maintain quality immunity and improve metabolic function.


3. Clean the Air
One of the best benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp is the capability to clean the air by its negative ion. How it works?


4. Improves a Better Sleep
Himalayan Salt Lamp is famous for its benefit for obtaining a better sleeping quality, especially for the insomnia patients. And it is also helpful to cure snores.


5. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) therapy. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a light depression that can occur at the same time annually. The symptoms are weaken energy and moody at some seasons. With the negative ions, the colors (red and pink) of Himalayan Salt Lamp can give a peaceful feeling, relaxation, and improve positive mood of SAD patients.


6. Balance the production of positive ions that are produced by some electronic devices (computers, TV, radio, cell phones, ac, iPad etc) that can destroy air quality and health.


7. Based on the research conducted by Bio Physics from Germany, the fume release of this lamp restores good air quality and improves ions three times higher (ionic salt lamp).


8. Reduces flu, cold, and fever risks.


9. Helps reducing and getting over from various illnesses such as sinusitis, migraine, headache, fever, and other respiratory diseases.


10. Improves concentration and reduces anxiety.


11. Helps patients to get over of stress and depression, and also provides relaxation.


12. Reduces pollution and odors such as cigarette smoke, and also excellent in repelling mosquitoes.

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