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Why Are You Buying a Salt Lamp?

Why Are You Buying a Salt Lamp?

If you want to buy a salt lamp to light your home, keep in mind that these lamps generally only produce a very soft, dim light. This is ideal as a nightlight or for atmospheric accent, but generally not adequate for tasks like reading. If you need more light, then you will probably want to look for Himalayan salt lamps that are lighter in color and larger in size.

Finally, many people purchase the salt lamps from the Himalayas because they believe the lamps have health benefits. It is thought (though not confirmed by studies) that the heat from the light bulb within the lamp causes negative ions to emit from the salt. These negative ions neutralize positive ions, such as from air pollutants. Those neutralized ions than fall to the ground or bond to a nearby surface. This is very much how air ionizers work. To get any of the purported ionizing benefits from a Himalayan salt lamp, you would need to choose a lamp using a higher-watt light bulb. The higher-watt bulb will get warmer and produce a stronger ionizing effect.

Himalayan salt lamps are noted for their distinct beauty, the soothing light they produce, and their purported ionizing health benefits. The most important thing to remember when purchasing these unique lamps online is that they can be very heavy, so you will want to make sure you get the right size lamp. With this in mind, you can start browsing through all of the salt lamps we have for sale on the site and narrow them down to the ones that aesthetically appeal to you the most.

You do not need special skills to set up this UL-approved Himalayan salt lamp. It comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is identify a flat and low-traffic area where you can install it. The long (six feet) power cord that you get is also convenient. It enables you to install it anywhere with an accessible power socket.

The authentic Himalayan salt lamp can only come from Pakistan.